How to look after your nails as the seasons change

When the temperatures drop and the heating goes on we always notice a surge in poor nail condition amongst our clients. We have put together our top tips to minimise breakages and enjoy healthy long nails

1. Apply cuticle oils and hand creams regularly to keep the lipid (oil levels) high, allowing more flexibility.

2 . Each time your hands and nails touch water MOISTURISE, keep those oils inside the skin and nails to allow flexibility when they come under pressure.

3 Wear gloves for all cleaning and washing up, detergents strip the natural oils in our nails, thus making them brittle and prone to snap.

4 ALWAYS have a nail file to hand, if you feel a rough edge, smooth it round right away to prevent it becoming cracked.

5 Don’t go too top heavy, our nails are designed to go appropriately 1/3 to 1/2 way past the end of our nail plate. Growing them too long can put pressure on the nail bed and cause painful cracks further down. However if you like the longer look or have trouble Growing your nails you may wish to consider our ‘Builder in a Bottle ‘ gel overlay.

This can give you strength and length to get the look you desire ahead if the festive season! Wear gloves on a cold day to protect them from the cold. Massaging warm oils and body butters when you come home can really help you soothe aching joints, prevent arthritis and increase the blood flow and oxygenation to your nails to keep them healthy 💪

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