How can I save on Beauty with these uncertain economic times?

The world is crazy right now, isn’t it? Lots of uncertainty across our clients with worries about how to afford our little luxuries etc.


I think it was very clear how much we all valued services in our industry over the 10 months we had to close for the pandemic, SO we have all put our heads together and come up with the 5 following suggestions for you to consider?


1. Salon Subscriptions


Did you know that we offer salon subscriptions here at Beautylicious?


We can calculate your treatments out over the year, take some money off and consolidate this into one monthly direct debit taken securely by Go Cardless.


You also get VIP benefits such as:


-VIP events

-10 % off Retail sales

– Exclusive voucher and offers


For example:


Unlimited waxing 75 min appointment-


Every 4 weeks £70.00 paid monthly


Every 6 Weeks £55.00 paid monthly



The subscriptions are available across most of the treatment menu and can also be set up for bespoke packages.


Please ask us for more information!



2. Builder in a bottle manicure 4-5 weeks


Builder gel is the new phenomenon within the beauty industry for allowing you to grow your nails with strength. length and durability for up to 5 or 6 weeks! This fairly quick process takes just under an hour and includes an application of polish for £47.50. Also, if you are clever with the colour (we offer suggestions with this) you can keep the same colour on with no chips or grow out lines until your next appointment.




3. IPL Permanent hair reduction


IPL can offer you 75-90% permanent hair reduction within 6-10 sessions here at the salon, think of all of the money you could save and time/ fuel coming for your monthly waxing appointment over the years…..


We can also offer package discounts on multiple areas.


We offer FREE consultations and suitability checks!


Please find below a video I filmed a while ago about how you can compare the prices over time compared to waxing!


4. Semi Permanent Brows


I have recently had my eyebrows Microbladed and this has made such a difference to the overall shape and colour. After the top up my colour will last up to 2 years with a small brow wax every so often to tidy up the shape.


The cost at the moment with Emma is £250 for the whole process and can last and save you money in the long run, not to mention the amount of time and petrol used coming in for frequent trips for tinting!



5. Getting a skin care or make up consultation


When you open up your cupboards; do a whole cohort of creams, serums, masks, miracle foundations, the next best eye lifting tool fall out???


We have all been there, we buy things that we think might work but when we tot up all of the funds spent on the ‘GUESSING’ it really is quite scary.


As Beauty therapists, we hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in skin and make up. Even down to anatomy and physiology qualifications of the skin and it’s structure!


We are your trusted advisors and can offer detailed consultation appointments, coming up with plans of how to exactly use your products written down for you. You can even bring in your current cupboard contents and we will help you to devise a good routine!


We will also make product recommendations for you! We can also source starter kits which save funds and also coffrets containing multiple products with a saving from Decléor and Delilah!

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