All you need to know about our NEW Classic Lash Extensions with Rachel!!


We are delighted to report that Rachel has successfully completed her Classic Lash Extension training – Congratulations Rach!

To celebrate this NEW treatment now available in the salon, we are excited to offer you a special introductory price for the month of June – A full set of classic lash extensions for just £40.00 per set*

*(available with Rachel between 1-30 June 2021 – patch test required 48hrs prior to treatment)

Below she has kindly compiled a list of everything you need to know about classic eyelash extensions!…

What are the benefits of lash extensions?

  • Lash extensions will add volume & enhance your eyes!
  • You won’t need to use mascara
  • Low maintenance in the mornings – just wake up, brush your lashes and go!

How much do classic eyelash extensions cost?

  • In June we are offering an introductory price for Rachel’s classic eyelash extensions – £40.00 for a full set and then £20.00 for your infills

How long does it take to have a full set applied?

  • As Rachel is new to lashes, it currently takes around 2.5hrs to complete a full set but she will only speed up with practice. The infill treatment would take around 1.5hrs

How often do I need to get my lashes done?

  • Once you’ve had your first full set done, you will need to come for infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full and looking at their best!

How do I remove my lashes?

  • If you no longer wish to have your lashes on, we strongly recommend that you come to the salon to have these safely removed. Pulling the extensions off can cause damage to your natural lashes

Will the extensions ruin my natural lashes?

  • Having lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes as long as you look after them in the correct way!
  • We use a special lash glue and attach a single lash extension to each natural lash, meaning your natural lashes still have the hair growth cycle that they need without damaging them

What are the different type of lash extensions?

  • There are a few different lash extensions available including Classics, Russian’s, Hybrids and Full Volume. For now Rachel is concentrating on Classics but watch this space for more options coming to Beautylicious in future!

How do I look after my lash extensions?

  • It’s important that you do not get your lashes wet for the first 24hrs so no saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, showers, and baths etc (this is to make sure the glue is fully bonded)
  • You will need to brush your lashes daily to give them the full ‘fluff’ look
  • Try not to sleep on your lashes as you will notice that they do not last as long
  • Make sure that you clean your lashes at least 3 times a week – you can purchase an aftercare kit from Rachel or use a non-oil wash at home
  • Be careful not to allow any naked flames near your lashes
  • Make sure you come back for infills or lash removal

How do I book?

  • Bookings are available via our website or App – www. or call us on 01451 822 822
  • We have the June offer loaded onto our website under monthly vouchers or just quote the offer when booking in

What is a patch test?

  • In order to carry out the lash extension treatment, we are required to do a short 15-minute patch test appointment (At least 48hrs prior to your treatment)
  • During the appointment Rachel will attach a couple of individual lashes to your natural lashes (this will only be 2-3 lashes on each eye, similar length to your natural lashes that you can’t see them)
  • We require a patch test to help indicate if you have any reaction to the glue. Unfortunately, if you have any reaction, we are unable to go ahead with the treatment

Can I wear eye makeup with my extensions?

  • Yes, you can wear makeup – just be sure to give the lashes a good clean when you remove your make up

If there are any questions you still have or would like to discuss further, please feel free to call Rachel on 01451 822 822


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