Introducting our brand new Decleor Product…. Antidote!

What is antidote?

Wake up tired skin with specialists DECLÉOR’s Antidote Serum; a multitasking, skin-refining serum that protects, revitalises, moisturises and firms slackening skin in need of some TLC, with a 97% natural-origin formulation.

Boasting a light texture that’s instantly absorbed into skin, the patented serum unleashes a powerful blend of Peppermint, Sandalwood and Patchouli essential oils suspended into a Hyaluronic Acid base that strengthens skin’s barrier and intercepts daily aggressors.

Applied to cleansed skin before moisturisers, the serum leaves skin plump, supple and smooth with visually significant improvements in skin texture, tone and radiance.


·         Anti-Pollution: -35% of pollution particles on the skin (clinical test on 20 women).

·         Anti-Water Loss: -16% of water evaporation (clinical test on 24 women).


Main ingredients and benefits

Peppermint: improves the firmness of the skin

Sandalwood: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Patchouli: illuminates the skin and leaves the complexion flawless

Why do would I need this?

This serum helps to work on your skin barrier which then allows products to sink deeper into the skin to work their magic!

In stock at Beautylicous!


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