Whats going on at Beautylicious…?! From new Staff to The Beauty Show!

At the end of February we headed down to Excel in London to the annual ‘Professional Beauty Show’. We stayed over night and made the most of our 2 days visiting our favourite brands such as Decleor, Sienna X, HD Brows and CND.  


Here we view and try out all of new products and treatments for the year, as well as finding out what the new trends and tips are for the coming seasons. 


Again we were invited on to the prestigious Solborn Yaght Hotel, hosted by our signature brand Decleor.


We were treated to smoothies, bubbles and canapés on the top deck (luckily it was enclosed!) whilst we attended several seminars facilitated by the industry experts such as Fiona Brackenbury (chief trainer) and the lead digital marketing manager Becky from L’Oréal.


These talks always inspire and motivate us to bring fresh approach to Beautylicious and hope that you will see these ideas being implemented very soon.


You will notice on the pictures that we have got an additional member to our team…. Meet Emily (Yes another one!). 


Emily Rose is joining us from April, she has worked in  a large local spa for the last 2 years and specialises in all things Decleor with a new additional range of body treatments!


Esther Mehta is very much also still with us 3 days per week but was unable to attend the show due to a recent house move!


We hope that you will share our excitement with us, as Beautylicious grows in 2018 as  we continue to be an innovative salon in the Cotswolds suitable for Local people and visitors to the area.


Written by Verity Edwards-Flaherty


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