Night Balm

Since working at Beautylicious I have been very fortunate to be able to go on various Decleor training courses. 

They are such inspirational days and you really do come back to work buzzing and totally in love with the products.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience yet one thing has always stuck in my mind. 

I remember the wonderful trainer Laura saying, 

‘ if I could only buy one decleor product, it would have to be a night balm.’


Personally, I also love the night balms. 

I feel like I often neglected the fact that for 8-10 hours ( if I’m lucky) I am asleep letting my body recuperate, yet I’m not doing anything to allow my skin to do the same. 

Night time is when your skin cells are at their most productive, repairing any damage done throughout the day. 


Decleor are always looking for ways to improve upon their wonderful products and they have just relaunched two of their night balms with improved added ingredients and benefits.


Neroli Amara Hydrating Night balm




•Decleor miracle Neroli Amara Night balm now more powerful in hydration and clinically proven to revitalise and re en-energize

•Wake up to luminous, brighter flaswless rested skin

•Supports and enhances the skins to naturaly repair environmental damage

•Bathroom SOS designed to work in just one night

•Cocoon your skin and nuture with the powerful blend of essentails and botanical oils

•Tunisian Neroli Amara essential oil is extraxcted from the flower buds of the bitter orange tree to quench the thirst of the driest of skins

•Winter rescue skincare tips

–    Apply cuticles to soften and nourish

-Treat dry skin patches

-Softens and dissolves milia

-Draws ingrown hairs

-Massage on individual spots to heal


Lavandula Iris Rejuvenating Night balm

•Award winning Lavanadula Iris Night balm now more powerful in redifining facial contours and clinically proven to reduce pillow marks

•Smoothes, plumps and irons out the appearance of lines and wrinkles

•Increase collagen production essential for firming and lifting cheeks

•Supports and enhances the skins to naturaly repair environmental damage

•Acts like a silk pillow case to cushion and prevent skin dragging

•Cocoon your skin and nuture with the powerful blend of essentails and botanical oils

•Grown in Italy and distilled in France Iris Concrete is extraxcted from the root, grown  for 3 yrs and dried for a further 3 to ensure maximum effectiveness on lines and wrinkles


‘Are you getting enough sleep?’ ‘If not, look how we can help you! book in for a sleep enhancing discovery facial, where you will receive your Decleor night balm which will relax the mind, body and soul. It will act like a silk pillowcase, cocoon, repair and drip feed the skin of all of the essential ingredients your skin needs.

We are offering this wonderful facial inclusive of the night balm for just £60


Written by Esther Mehta

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