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HD Brows

Here at Beautylicious we are delighted to be one of the only official High Definition brows salons in the North Cotswolds, not only by holding a full stock list of the HD products, but also offering 3 fully qualified HD stylists to the salon. So what’s so big about brows? Have you ever looked back at photos from years ago and thought ‘there’s something missing?’ – you’ve got it….. Brows! Especially on my wedding photos I cringe to see the lack of shape, colour and formation of my brows. They are the focal point of your face shape, eye formation and skin tone. At High Definition the commonly used theory of #hdbrows is that everyone leaves the salon with heavy, thick black pencil. This is so far from the truth, as our brows are as unique to us as our finger prints. We colour custom blend the tint to match your hair skin and eye colouring, ensuring we treat each individual hair carefully as this may well be the vital piece needed to complete the overall shape. 80% of clients who visit us require some form of regrowth programme, so we together come up with a treatment plan to decide which areas we need to grow in and how we are going to ‘fake it before we make it’ with the award winning HD products in-between appointments.

The process also includes waxing, threading, plucking and finishing with the right make up products for you. The overall shape and look you are seeking is most definitely discussed fully at your consultation along with any aspiration for the shape in the future. Unless asked for the general look in fashion at the moment is a very soft look, you certainly would not be walking out with a power brow unless it suited you and you asked for it! As therapists we are trained to use HD’s amazing formula to achieve the right look for you. We correctly measure and create the best shape carefully. All in all there is so much more to it than your average ‘tint and wax’, 45 minutes of undivided attention for your brows!

A 48 hour patch test is a mandatory requirement for all clients. Current licensing laws mean that we are unable to tint any client under 16 years old, but all other areas of the treatment are available to over 13’s with parental consent. HD Brows is also available for men, we see more and more guys taking greater care of their appearance and are proud to provide a full male service at the salon. You may wish to combine a visit to Paddy the Barber.

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