Mindful Reflexology


It only became apparent to me  after I had gained my Reflexology qualification in 2014 what a generic idea I had on this facinating therapy, and in actual fact I was emerging into a vast topic with many paths I could choose to follow. …

In March this year I decided to train In ‘Mindful Reflexology ‘ with Sally Earlam- a registered nurse, Reflexologist and writer for many ‘Association of Reflexologists’ publications.

I see an increasing number of people who are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. After all, statistics show that as many as 1 in 4 of people will experience Mental health in the course of a year. (Source www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/fundemental-facts/ )

Is it any wonder either with 24/7 contact with social media, relationship problem, trying to balance work & home life to name but a few of the contributing factors?

So, what can reflexology do to help?

My new ‘Mood Improvement’ sequences can help the body to recover from the effects of stress as explained below:

  • By relaxing and restoring nerve pathways signals to the brain and spinal cord. 
  • Balancing any hormonal disruption caused by the endocrine system which can cause low mood. Especially with conditions such as pcos, endometriosis etc.
  • Working the Limbic system which controls how the brain retains information and memories. (PTSD & anxiety)
  • Relaxing and improving the gut function which can be effected by raised cortisol levels (stress, anxiety ) or reduced serotonin levels  (depression).
  • Improving how we breath by releasing any tension held throughout our lungs, intercostal muscles and diaphragm through times of stress; thus aiding relaxation and receiving higher amounts of oxygen to all areas of the body.

Mindfulness exercises are offered during the treatment as well as a varied selection of self help techniques to continue the positive effects of the treatment at home. 

**Please Note**

I am not a qualified medical professional and do advise discussing any mental health problems with your GP prior to treatment.


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